1. We can help

    1. Apply for a home
      1. Apply for a home in Bolton
      2. Apply for a home in Bury
      3. Apply for a home in Cheshire
      4. Apply for a home in High Peak
      5. Apply for a home in Manchester
      6. Apply for a home in Oldham
      7. Apply for a home in Rochdale
      8. Apply for a home in Salford
      9. Apply for a home in Trafford
      10. Apply for a home in Tameside
      11. Mutual exchanges
    2. Sheltered and independent living
    3. Being a good neighbour
    4. Careline
      1. Careline wristband
      2. Bolton Carers Support
    5. Cost of living support
      1. Affordable recipes
      2. Healthy home living during colder weather
        1. Keeping your and your loved ones warm and healthy in colder weather
      3. Find social activities and support in Bolton (warm spaces)
      4. Food support
      5. Reducing your energy bill: book a free home energy advice session
        1. Tom and Asif's top energy-saving tips videos
      6. Lowering your household bills - gas, electric & water
        1. Bills and meter reading
        2. How to use your heating controls
        3. Prepayment meters
        4. Saving money on water bills
        5. Gas and electricity debt
    6. Domestic abuse and violence
    7. Getting into work
      1. Meet the friendly staff in our Employment support team
      2. See our training courses (Customer Training Programme)
      3. Work experience opportunities for adults
      4. Opportunities for young people
      5. Working Wardrobe
    8. Tackling antisocial behaviour
      1. Report antisocial behaviour to us
    9. Safeguarding: what to do if you're worried about yourself or someone else
    10. UCAN centres
    11. Landlord services
    12. Support for neighbours in dispute (Neighbourhood Mediation)
    13. Support for Armed Forces Veterans
  2. Home

  3. Tenancy

    1. Affordable carpet and furniture options
      1. Donating or recycling furniture
    2. Commercial units
      1. Rent a commercial unit
      2. Information for current commercial unit leaseholders
    3. Ending a tenancy
    4. Ending a tenancy due to bereavement
    5. Home contents insurance
    6. Keeping your home secure
    7. Moving in tips
    8. Pre offer interview
    9. Pets
    10. Preparing for a Bolton at Home property
    11. Running a business from your home
    12. Tenancy fraud
    13. Tenancy support
    14. Useful information for new tenants
    15. Your tenancy FAQs
  4. Be involved

    1. Group Customer Scrutiny Panel
      1. Meet our Group Customer Scrutiny Panel
    2. Youth Scrutiny Panel
    3. Resident Voices Channel
    4. Four million homes
  5. About

    1. Cookies notice
    2. Equality and diversity
      1. Equality analysis
    3. Greenworks
    4. Governance and regulation
      1. Group Operations Committee
      2. Bolton at Home HR Committee
      3. Bolton at Home Group Board
      4. Group Audit and Risk Committee
      5. Group Development Committee
      6. Group Governance Committee
      7. Meet our management team
    5. Expenditure reports
    6. Insurance
    7. Managing our business
    8. One organisation
    9. Our corporate documents
    10. Our policies and strategies
    11. Modern Slavery Act 2015
    12. Our performance
    13. We've signed the Together with tenants charter
    14. Procurement
    15. Social value
      1. Creating social value policy
      2. Working with our partners to deliver social value
      3. Working with our contractors & suppliers to deliver social value
    16. Who we are
    17. Your information
  6. Jobs

    1. What our staff have been up to
    2. Employee benefits
  7. Rent & money

    1. Ways to pay your rent
    2. How we set your rent
    3. In credit on your rent account
    4. What to do if you have rent arrears
    5. Paying for Bolton at Home services
    6. Hoot Credit Union
    7. Get help from our dedicated Money Advice Team
      1. What to do if you have money worries
      2. How to manage your money and budget
      3. Working out which debts to pay first
      4. Benefits advice
        1. Help with making a benefits claim
        2. Checking you're getting the right benefits
        3. Council Tax Support
        4. Universal Credit
        5. Universal Credit FAQs
        6. Housing benefit (HB)
        7. Bedroom tax
        8. Discretionary Housing Payment
        9. Discretionary Council Tax Reduction Scheme
        10. Benefit changes
      5. Affordable credit and loans
      6. Bank accounts
      7. Dealing with bailiffs
      8. Top Tips - How to prevent debt
      9. Emergency help with food or fuel
      10. Template letters and leaflets
      11. Local welfare provision
      12. Loan sharks
  8. News

    1. Bolton at Home on Bolton FM
    2. Quarter Turn
  9. Your home

    1. About our empty homes and the Lettable Standard
    2. Keeping you and your home safe (home and building safety advice hub)
      1. Water safety in your home
      2. Join our Resident Building Safety Panel
      3. Our rules on smoking in and around your property
      4. Keeping communal areas clear and safe
      5. Download our Home Safety Guide for houses and flats
      6. Fire and gas safety animations
      7. Fire safety tips for your home
      8. Fire Door advice for tenants
      9. Our latest Building Safety Update
      10. Meter tampering: know the risks and stay safe
    3. Dealing with damp, condensation, and mould
    4. Our Shared Ownership offer (through Stonecross Homes)
      1. Information for current shared ownership owners
        1. Shared ownership: your rights and responsibilities
        2. Information on shared ownership repairs
        3. Shared ownership rent & service charges
        4. Making improvements to your shared ownership home
        5. Making changes to your shared ownership lease
    5. Garages and parking
    6. New build developments
      1. Affordable rent developments
      2. Rent to Buy developments
      3. Shared Ownership developments
    7. Improvement programme
    8. Care and repair
    9. Our repairs and maintenance service
      1. How to report a repair
      2. Our Repairs Policy
        1. Repair priorities and timescales (Appendix A)
        2. Your general responsibilities for repairs (Appendix B)
        3. Our repair responsibilities and your repair responsibilities (Appendix C)
      3. Repairs how to videos
    10. Disabled adaptations
    11. Leaseholders
      1. Make changes on your lease
      2. Leaseholder rights and responsibilities
      3. Leasehold repairs
      4. Service charges and ground rent
      5. What do my service charges mean?
      6. Major works and improvements
      7. Improvements or alterations to your property
      8. Other information
    12. Home ownership
    13. Properties and land for sale
  10. Your area

    1. Community Engagement
      1. Community Development
      2. Programmes & Partnerships
      3. Projects, campaigns and events
      4. Previous Community Engagement projects
        1. Sabden Photo Exhibition (Johnson Fold)
        2. Local Motion
        3. Working Potential
      5. Bolton Manbassadors
        1. The impact of Bolton Manbassadors
        2. Meet the Manbassadors
        3. Manbassadors videos
      6. Peer Navigators
      7. Percent for Art
      8. We are Women
    2. Our environmental services
      1. Japanese Knotweed
      2. Giant hogweed
      3. Weeds we don't treat
  11. Contact

    1. Complaints, compliments and suggestions
    2. Know your rights as a social housing resident
    3. You said, we did: how we've acted on your feedback