Screenshot of the cover page for our latest Building Safety Update

Download the latest Building Safety Update (for tenants living in high-rise apartment blocks, seven stories or higher):

This leaflet covers general building safety updates for our high-rise blocks of flats following recent changes to Government building/fire safety laws and legislation.

Paper-based copies of this leaflet have been sent to all tenants living in high-rise buildings (18 metres/seven stories and above).

Tap the button below to download our latest Building Safety Update:

Click here to download our latest Building Safety Update (January 2023) [pdf] 407KB

Our latest Building Safety Update (sent in January 2023) covers:

  • Fire doors and inspections
  • Fire Risk Assessments (FRAs)
  • Updates to wayfinding signage
  • The installation of premises information box systems
  • Keeping communal areas safe
  • Engaging with residents
  • Keeping us (Bolton at Home) in the know
  • Improvement works at Blackshaw House, Rogerstead House, Fernstead House in January/February 2023