Running a business from your home

If you are a tenant and you would like to run a business from home you will need to get our written permission.  Please complete and return the ‘Application to run a business from home’ form and return it to us:

Application to run a business.docx[docx] 123KB

Please note

Please note this form only applies to our tenants. Leaseholders are not allowed to run a business from home and should refer to the terms of their lease.

The business must be legal, and there should be no safety risk or chance of your neighbours being disturbed. Certain types of businesses are not allowed, such as vehicle maintenance, running a taxi service or using your home as a bed and breakfast establishment. You will need to operate your business within the terms of your tenancy agreement and any conditions we specify when we give you permission.  You will also be responsible for obtaining appropriate business insurance and all necessary licences, registrations or trade memberships. 

We can offer you support to set up your business.  For more information, please contact Mary Winrow from our Employment and Enterprise Team on 01204 329710.