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Lower your bills in a few easy steps

Energy and water bills can be expensive, but there are a few things you can do to keep your costs as low as possible.

Learn more about some of the ways you can reduce your bills below:

  • Speak to our Home Energy Advisers
    You can book a free home energy advice session with our Energy Advisers for one-to-one support to reduce your energy bills. Our Energy Advisers can review your energy tariffs (when the market allows), share their top tips to reduce energy costs, provide advice on Winter Fuel Payments, support you with energy disputes, and - where possible - provide more tailored support based on your circumstances. Tap here to book a home energy advice session.
  • Heating controls
    70% of your bill is from heating your home and water, so using your equipment efficiently can reduce your bills. Tap here to learn more about heating controls.
  • Prepayment meters
    Paying for gas and electric via a prepayment meter is more expensive than a credit meter. You can swap your meter and make savings of up to £600 per year. Tap here to learn more about prepayment meters.
  • Warm Home Discount
    This is worth up to £150 per year. If you're eligible for this, your energy supplier will automatically apply this discount to your bill. Tap here for more information on the Warm Home Discount (on the UK Government website).
  • Water
    If you have a small family or live on your own, then a water meter may be right for you. Tap here to learn more about saving money on water bills.
  • Use less energy
    It sounds obvious, but the less energy you use, the lower your bills will be. Our Home Energy Advisers, Tom and Asif, have created a series of videos to help you reduce your energy bills. Tap here to watch our top energy-saving tips videos.
  • Pay by direct debit 
    This can save you between £70 to £150 per year.
  • Shop around for a better deal
    Even if you have a prepayment meter, switching energy suppliers can shave hundreds of pounds off your bills.(Although deals are not currently available to switch, when this changes, the service to help you shop around will be available).

Why not try energy saving or LED bulbs?

Using energy saving light bulbs or LED lighting can make a huge difference to your energy bills. They may cost a little more to buy, but they will save you a lot of money in the long run:

  • An average home of 10 traditional bulbs would cost £193 in electricity.
  • The same home with 10 low energy florescent light bulbs would cost £42 in electricity.
  • If you swapped those for newer LED lighting it would cost £28 in electricity.
  • Changing your bulbs could save you over £150 per year in lighting alone.

Tips to use less energy and save money

There are plenty of things you can do around the home to save money on your bills.

Following the advice all year round and not just in winter can save about £350 per year.

Keep our top tips posters handy by downloading them here:

Money saving tips - Around the home [pdf] 266KB

Money saving tips - In the living room [pdf] 186KB

Money saving tips - In the kitchen [pdf] 254KB

Money saving tips - Whilst cooking [pdf] 183KB

Money saving tips - In the bathroom [pdf] 185KB

Book an energy advice session with Tom and Asif

When you book a free energy advice session with Tom and Asif, they'll work their money-saving magic by:

  • reviewing your energy tariffs (when the market allows),
  • sharing tips to reduce energy costs (while keeping things warm during the colder months),
  • providing advice on Winter Fuel Payments,
  • supporting you with energy disputes,
  • and- where possible- providing more tailored support based on your circumstances.

Tap here to book a free home energy advice session.

See how much it'll cost to run home appliances for a given amount of time

Figure out which of your home applicances are costing you the most to run (external website):

GoCompare have developed an interactive energy cost calculator tool that'll help you find out how much your various home applicances cost to run over a given period of time.

You can use the calculator (shown in the screenshot below) to pick the appliances you want to compare and select how long they’ll be in use for. The calculator makes it easier to understand which of your appliances are contributing most to your bill.

Tap here to use GoCompare's Energy cost calculator (opens in a new tab/window).

Screenshot of the GoCompare energy cost calculator (links to '' in a new tab)