Building Safety Hub

Our Building Safety Hub is host to all the latest from us on keeping you and your home safe. You can download handy guides, documentation, and advice on topics such as fire/energy/water safety, asbestos, and improvement works- and we've also included a series of short animated films covering the same/similar themes.

If you'd like to speak with us about anything building safety-related, please don't hesitate to get in touch. You can email us using or call 01204 328000.

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Slideshow header image reading: 'Watch our short animation on water safety in your home. Our short video explains the steps you can take to keep your water system clean and reduce the chances of Legionella being present in your water.'

Water safety and hygiene in your home:

The safety and quality of your water could be affected by the growth of bacteria, such as Legionella, if you've been away from home for a while. Tap here to watch our animation on keeping your water clean and safe.

Slideshow header image reading: 'It's not the same without you. join our Resident Building Safety Panel today'.

It's not the same without you:

If you'd like to join your neighbours in ensuring our buildings are safe and accessible for everyone, tap here to learn more about our Resident Building Safety Panel.

Slideshow header image reading: 'Items left in communal areas: our policy'

Items left in communal areas - our policy:

Items stored in communal areas may present a hazard as they could prevent people from leaving the building safely in the event of a fire. Tap here for information on keeping yourself and others safe.

Slideshow header image reading: 'Download our essential home safety guide'

Download our essential Home Safety Guide:

These guides contain information to help keep you and others safe, covering several areas such as Fire Safety and Asbestos. We've created two versions: one for houses, and one for flats. Tap here to download your home safety guide.

Slideshow header image reading: 'Download our leaflet on Fire Doors'

Download our guide on Fire Doors:

Our leaflet contains handy information on what fire doors are, why they're important, how/when we’ll inspect them, and how you can regularly check the ones in your home/building. Tap here to download your Fire Doors guide.

Slideshow header image reading: 'Watch our short animations on gas safety, fire safety, and Fire Doors'

Watch our short animations on gas safety, fire safety, and Fire Doors:

At just a few minutes long, our home safety animations offer a quick and easy way to make sure your home is safe. Tap here to watch our home safety animations.

Slideshow header image reading: 'Meter tampering: know the risks'

Meter tampering: know the risks:

Some of the risks of meter tampering include shocks/severe burns, fires, and even explosions. Read our short guide for steps on how to keep your neighbours, friends, family members, and your/their children safe. Tap here to download our leaflet on meter tampering.

Decorative header image reading 'Fire safety on balconies and close to your home'

Fire safety on balconies and/or close to your property:

In recent years, the Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service have noticed a rise in the number of fires which have started close to properties- particularly on balconies- during periods of good weather.

Disposable barbecues, cigarettes, and waste have been common sources of these fires in recent years.

Please do your bit to help keep you, your friends, neighbours, and/or family members safe by ensuring you/they do not use barbeques or any other form of open fire on balconies or close to your property. This can be extremely dangerous and poses a great fire risk due to the fire’s close proximity to your building.

You can do your bit to reduce the risk of fire this summer by letting others know about our balcony fire safety steps:

  • do not use barbecues, chimineas, fire pits, or any other form of open fire on a balcony,
  • never store or set off fireworks or flares on your balcony,
  • never store flammable materials on your balcony,
  • and never throw cigarettes onto or off your balcony – as this could cause a fire on someone else’s balcony. Use a suitable ashtray and dispose of the contents safely.

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