Our environmental services

We've been working in partnership with Glendale since April 2015. They are responsible for the grounds maintenance on land in our ownership across our estates. Click here to visit Glendale's website.

Our estates are made up of land owned by us but they also include highways and footpaths owned by Bolton Council. In addition, there may be land in private ownership.

Please see the list below for details of the maintenance of our land. If you're unsure of who's responsible for the land, please use the links provided, or contact us.

Maintenance of our land

General grassed areas

  • Communal grass to be cut up to 18 times per year (March – November).
  • Grass cuttings aren't collected but will be removed from paths.

Shrubs and hedges in communal areas

  • Shrubs to be litter picked and weeded eight times a year.
  • Shrubs to be pruned in accordance with horticultural standards.
  • Hedges to be visited twice a year.

If you'd like to find details of Glendale's next visit please contact us on 01204 328000.

Leaf collection

  • Leaves on grassed areas will be cut when the grass is mowed and left in position on the grass.
  • Heavy leaf fall on our footpaths will be removed on a reactive basis.
  • Please check if the footpath belongs to usIf the footpath is adopted, this is Bolton Council's responsibility, please contact Bolton Council on 01204 333333.

Weed spraying

  • Our footpaths and communal areas will be sprayed three times a year.
  • Please check if the footpath belongs to us. If the footpath is adopted, this is Bolton Council's responsibility, please contact the Council on 01204 333333.


We have two cleansing teams visiting our estates. Work includes:

  • Sweeping footpaths.
  • Edging off grass.
  • Litter picking.
  • Weed removal.

Environment education & enforcement

If any area visited by the cleansing teams requires extra attention, they may be forwarded to ours or Bolton Council's enforcement team for further action.

Winter gritting

Winter service provision policy

Winter gritting to paths around our properties is delivered by Glendale, our grounds maintenance provider.

The service policy identifies 15 sites across our neighbourhoods as ‘red’, which gives highest priority to areas where vulnerable tenants live and rely on footpaths not maintained by the authority for highways.

Four sites have an ‘amber’ priority based on risk according to footfall and/or how level paths are.

On days when the MET Office forecasts extensive snow or ice, which will likely remain throughout the day, Glendale or our caretakers will apply grit to these areas, starting with the high priority areas listed below.

Maps showing which paths are to be gritted will be displayed in communal areas where appropriate. Where there’s no communal area, residents will receive a letter and map by post.

Grit will be applied Monday to Friday, 8am to 3.30pm. If snow is continuous throughout the day, it’ll be cleared as soon as possible with gritting taking place each time after snow is cleared. If gritting is required outside of these working hours, grit stock will be available to residents who feel able to safely use it.

Please take extra care during spells of adverse weather.

Sites for gritting

Red / High priority

Campbell House.pdf (Farnworth) Eldon Street.pdf (Tonge Moor);  Maxton house.pdf (Farnworth);  Merton.pdf (Deane);  Flockton Court.pdf (Horwich);  Hulton Lane.pdf (Deane);  Jubilee House.pdf (Town Centre);  Lever Gardens.pdf (Little Lever);  Longsight Lodge.pdf (Harwood);  St Georges Court.pdf (Halliwell);  Highfield House.pdf (Farnworth);  Deepdale Road.pdf (Breightmet);  Drummond Street.pdf (Astley Bridge);  Springfield Gardens.pdf (Kearsley).

Amber / Medium priority

Thornbank.pdf - Rogerstead, Blackshaw House, Fernstead – (Deane);  Hargreaves house.pdf (Town Centre);  Valley View.pdf (Bromley Cross); 760 – 802  Moss bank Way.pdf (Johnson Fold).

Graffiti removal

  • All offensive or racist graffiti to be removed within 24 hours of it being reported.
  • All graffiti to be removed within seven working days.

You can report graffiti in your area by calling us on 01204 328000, or by emailing us.


  • All trees in our properties' front gardens and on our communal land are inspected on a three year cycle and any identified work undertaken.
  • Rear garden trees are inspected following any health and safety concerns raised by residents or any issue referred by our staff.
  • Tree removal requests– please note a tree will only be removed if there's a serious issue with the tree such as if it's diseased, dead or dying.
  • New trees will be replanted when a tree is removed.

Trees won't be removed for the following reasons:

  • Lack of light – poor light levels within a property or garden won't necessarily result in tree pruning or removal. There's currently no legal right to light.
  • TV reception – If you think trees are affecting your TV reception, works will only be considered once written proof has been submitted to us.
  • Leaves, seeds, fruit & honeydew – no works will be programmed.
  • Tree roots – If there's a perceived trip hazard, an inspection will be undertaken to measure if the trip level is within a reasonable tolerance.
  • Overhanging branches - under Common Law a resident may prune back overhanging branches or encroaching roots to your boundary. However permission from us will be needed.
  • Squirrels & birds – no works will be programmed.

Arboricultural policy [pdf] 131KB

If you have any serious concerns regarding our trees, please call 01204 328000 or email us.

Other trees

Trees on adopted land - If you've any concerns, please contact Bolton Council on 01204 334071 or 01204 334100.

Trees on private land – the owner of the land is responsible for all trees. Details of who owns land can be found on the government's Land Registry. Please note: there's a small charge for this, payable by the applicant.

Help us to improve your area

Would you like to report any issues or praise any work?

Please look at the Grounds Maintenance Standards document and complete our grounds maintenance reporting form below:


You can also provide feedback by using this form:

Grounds maintenance checklist form

Grounds Maintenance Customer Panel

The Neighbourhood Services Team invites customers to get involved in our service by being part of our Grounds Maintenance Customer Panel.

This involves residents assisting us with measuring customer satisfaction of our grounds maintenance service. Checks are carried out approximately four times a year and residents can choose to take part in one or all of the checks, depending on what suits them.

Get in touch by contacting us on 01204 328000 or email them using: bh_neighbourhoodservices@boltonathome.org.uk.

Donate your unwanted items

Donate your unwanted furniture or white goods to Emmaus, who will arrange for free collection. 

Call them on 01204 398056 or click here to visit the Emmaus website.