Overpaid your rent?

If you feel you've overpaid your rent, please fill out the form below:

Refund Request form for overpaid rent[docx] 127KB 

If you are requesting a refund of overpaid rent for a tenant who has died, please fill out this form:

Refund request form: on behalf of a deceased tenant.docx[docx] 127KB

Overpaid your rent pt2

You'll need the following information to make a request:

  • Full name and address
  • Rent reference which you can find on your rent statement
  • How you would like your refund to be returned to you

Please return this form to: Bolton at Home, Debit Control Section, 98 Waters Meeting Road, Bolton BL1 8SW.

Payment will be made by Bacs into a nominated bank account.

Please note that this can take up to 4 weeks to process, so in some cases it may be better to adjust the payments made to us directly. 

You must attach proof of the Bank Account details in order for the refund to be processed and all proofs must show the name of the bank account holder, the sort code and the bank account number.

Acceptable forms of proof

Acceptable forms of proof are:

  • A personal pre-printed bank/building society paying in slip
  • A photocopy of a blank cheque (marked cancelled)
  • The top part of a recent bank/building society statement (displaying account name, sort code and bank account number)

If you've paid your rent and/or housing charges by Direct Debit in the last 3 months and you want the refund returning to that bank account, there's no need to send in proof as we can use the bank account details we hold under the Direct Debit Mandate.