Tenancy fraud

Across the UK it is estimated that 50,000 social rented homes are occupied unlawfully.

We aim to prevent and detect tenancy fraud within our housing stock.

What is tenancy fraud?

There are different types of tenancy fraud, these are the most common;

  • Unlawful subletting- The tenant lets out their housing association home without the knowledge or permission of their landlord.

  • Not using the property as a principle home- The tenant moves out of the property and lives elsewhere, without notifying the landlord.

  • Right to buy fraud- The tenant does not meet the criteria to buy the property and provides false information on the application to do so.

  • Obtaining a property by deception- The customer provides false information on the housing application to better their chances of obtaining a property.

  • Key selling- Where a one off payment is made to the tenant, for the keys to the property.

What do we do to tackle tenancy fraud?

We will actively investigate any suspicion of tenancy fraud and aim to take action to regain possession of any property, that we find evidence of tenancy fraud.

We have dedicated and trained staff to identify potential fraud within the initial letting of our properties to ensure that the correct people are accessing our homes. Our Fraud Officer and Enforcement Teams will carry out investigations, when reports are made in relation to Tenancy Fraud. We work with other social landlords and statutory agencies to detect fraud where the law requires it or where information sharing protocols are in place.

How can you help to tackle tenancy fraud?

If you suspect fraud is being committed, your report could make all the difference to individuals or families in need of being housed.

All reports will be kept in the strictest confidence.