Promotional graphic for our Resident Building Safety Panel reading 'Safer together'.

Join us in keeping your building safe. Join our Resident Building Safety Panel.

If you live in one of our high-rise buildings**, you can earn shopping vouchers for joining us (and your neighbours) in making sure your building is as safe/accessible as possible. Join our Resident Building Safety Panel today.

**Our current high-rise buildings are:

  • Rainford House, Haydock Street, Bolton, BL1 2NQ
  • Blackshaw House, Deane, Bolton BL3 5NU
  • Rogerstead House, Deane, Bolton, BL3 5NX
  • Fernstead House, Deane, Bolton, BL3 5NT
  • Arundel Court, Beadham Drive, Blackley, M9 0GY

You can also see our current high-rise buildings on a map:

If you live in one of the buildings listed/shown above, you're eligible to join our Resident Building Safety Panel:

As a member of our Resident Building Safety Panel, you'll have an exclusive space to voice your opinions and shape our decision making on important safety-related matters going forward (and we'll give you shopping vouchers for your contributions). When you join, you'll be able to:

  • Chat with us on fire and building safety-related matters so we have the best understanding of the level of service you expect from us,
  • Provide your views on safety-related changes you think we should make to your building going forward,
  • Review the different ways we plan to communicate with you and your neighbours on fire and building safety matters (e.g. looking at our letters, posters, engagement campaigns, and more to help us decide on what will work best),
  • Directly share any concerns you might have regarding safety with our expert Building Safety Team (if you're not a member of the Panel, you can still tell us if you're concerned about something by emailing, or calling our Contact Centre on 01204 328000).

We'll involve you in our decision making through surveys, direct mail, face-to-face events at your building, reviews of our policies/documents, and more as the Resident Building Safety Panel grows and develops.

We want you to feel listened to, respected, and reassured that we've done our utmost to ensure your building is as safe as possible for you and your neighbours - and our Resident Building Safety Panel is just one of the ways we hope to achieve this.

If you'd prefer, you can also call our Contact Centre on 01204 328000.

Remember: you can also use these contact details anytime if you need to report a safety concern in your building. **Our Resident Building Safety Panel is currently open to residents living in our high rise buildings (at least 7 stories, or 18 metres in height) only.

If you're unsure about whether you're eligible to join the Panel, please get in touch using the contact details above.