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We (and our partners) are here if you need us.

We've used this page to pull together all of the main support services offered by us and our partners to help with the rising cost of living.

We'll continue to update this page as and when we're made aware of new ways you can get help.

On this page:

More from Bolton at Home:

Support from our partners:

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Free family events, activities, food, and more support if you need it this summer:

We've added a dedicated space in our cost of living support hub that lists the ways we and our partners can support you during the summer holidays.

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Our Money Advice Team can help if you have money worries:

We offer free, confidential and independent advice on a full range of money matters to anyone living in a Bolton at Home property (and to non-Bolton at Home tenants through our social enterprise subsidiary, Starts with you).

Some of the things we can help with include:

  • money worries,
  • managing the money you have in a better way,
  • working out which debts to pay first,
  • getting all the right income and benefits entitlement,
  • where to access affordable credit (Hoot Credit Union),
  • accessing and managing your bank account,
  • and more.

Hayley, our Money Advice Team Manager, talks about how she and her team can help:

Here's Hayley to talk you through some of the things our team can help with. Please get in touch if you think you could use our support.

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Find free, year-round social activities and support near you:

We've over 70 welcoming places where you can expect things like:

  • seating,
  • films,
  • food and drink,
  • community activities,
  • arts and crafts,
  • exercise classes,
  • internet and WiFi,
  • and more.

Help's also at hand for housing issues, health and wellbeing, money matters, employment and training, and more.

To see the full list of what's happening near you, tap the button below:

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Book an energy advice session with Tom and Asif, our Home Energy Advisers:

If you’re a tenant and need some more tailored support, Tom and Asif are here to help. Their support won’t cost you a penny, and they'll work their money-saving magic by:

  • reviewing your energy tariffs (when the market allows),
  • sharing tips to reduce energy costs (while keeping things warm during the colder months),
  • providing advice on Winter Fuel Payments,
  • supporting you with energy disputes,
  • and- where possible- providing more tailored support based on your circumstances.

Tom and Asif explain some of the things you can expect from an energy advice session:

In this short video, Tom and Asif talk you through how their energy advice sessions work and what you can expect from them.

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Online tips to reduce your household bills (gas, electric, and water):

Energy and water bills can be expensive, but there are a few things you can do to keep your costs as low as possible. Why not check out some of our quick steps to lower your household bills?

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During colder weather, the way we use our homes can change:

Check out our hints and tips on dealing with the effects of the changing weather, including:

  • getting the best from your boiler,
  • checking you've correctly adjusted your heating (thermostats and/or radiators),
  • the causes of damp, condensation, and mould and how to prevent/clean it (separate page),
  • how you and your loved ones can stay warm and healthy during colder weather,
  • and more.

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See our favourite tasty and affordable recipes:

Save yourself time and money with these tasty, affordable recipes that're both quick and easy to make.

We've included several recipes for soups (and other types of food)- which can be made at a low cost and are warming.

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Learn how our staff- like Sarah- can help with access to food support if you need it:

Working with local charity Urban Outreach and volunteers, we run food pantries in different areas of Bolton. At these sites you’ll be able to shop for food, drink, and other household essentials at low cost with a temporary membership fee.

You’ll get a warm welcome, a choice of goods, and one-to-one support for anything troubling you.

Food banks (which are slightly different to our pantries) can also provide food, basic provisions, and non-perishable items free of charge to people in need.

If you- or someone you know- feel food pantries or food banks could help, tap the button below to learn more.

Sarah talks about our pantries:

In this short video, Sarah- our Community Development Officer- talks you through what you can expect from our four food pantries across the borough.

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See how we could help you or someone you know into work and/or training:

We offer a range of services to help you gain the skills, confidence and motivation to get back into work. Some of the things we can help with include:

  • application forms,
  • online job searching,
  • CVs,
  • training and volunteering opportunities,
  • work experience placements,
  • IT support,
  • one-to-one guidance,
  • interview clothing and prep (through our Working Wardrobe),
  • and more.

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Introducing our Resident Voices Channel: give us your opinion to improve the services you get from us and we'll reward you with free shopping vouchers.

Why not become a part of our Resident Voices Channel?

It won’t require much of your time, but it'll give you the power to make an impact and reward you with points each time you take part that build-up to high street shopping vouchers.

We'll tell you more in this short video:

If you're interested in joining your fellow residents, tap the button below to learn more:

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