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What is our Tenancy Support service?

We offer regular contact, advice and assistance if you’re taking on a new tenancy or finding it difficult to manage your existing tenancy.
We will support you to live at home independently and successfully.

The results are in from our Tenancy Support Customer Feedback Survey (July to September):


rated the service as good or excellent.


reported a good relationship with their support worker


felt their support needs were met.


said their support workers were easily contactable.

Is our service for you?

Our service is available if you have:

  • Experienced, or likely to experience, problems with your tenancy. Or if you haven’t managed your own tenancy before.
  • Significant personal support needs. Each tenant is potentially eligible for support depending on their needs.

How do we assess your need for support?

We need to consider:

  • Your previous experiences of living independently.
  • Whether you’re employed and length of employment.
  • Other support services you currently receive.
  • Your views and wishes, and those of professionals working with you.

How can we help you?

We can:

  • Help you settle into your new home.
  • Support you through life’s ups and downs.
  • Help you with practical actions including paying bills, setting up utility accounts and checking your benefits.
  • Guide you towards specialist help and support as appropriate.
  • Support your health and wellbeing.

What does our support include?

Our service includes:

  • An assessment of your needs.
  • A named contact and support team to provide help.
  • Regular contact, either in person or by phone.

In your words: reliability

“I never found any sort of stress in getting hold of my support worker; she’d always ring right back within about 10 mins whenever I sent a message.”

In your words: availability

“My support worker was always just a phone call away, and was always available to speak, even if it was something that I considered to be quite trivial.”

In your words: expertise

“My support worker was very good at explaining everything I asked about- and very patient at explaining things.”

In your words: friendliness

“Really easy to talk to. If ever I came across as a bit panicky over the phone, my support worker really took the time to calm me down before proceeding on to whatever it was that I was calling about. If she couldn’t answer my question right away, she’d always get back in touch as soon as she could.”

In your words: dedication

 “I felt like she wasn't just doing it all this as a job, felt like she did genuinely care.”