Equalityand diversity

Equality and diversity

Our aim is to create homes and neighbourhoods we can all be proud of, and we want to do this in a fair and responsible way.

In an increasingly diverse world we must understand people’s differences. By doing this, we can develop and make changes to our services and be confident that everyone has fair and equal access to them.

As part of our efforts, we've signed up to the Chartered Institute of Housing’s Equality and Diversity Charter. This means we are committed to the following eight principles:

  1. Equality and diversity is driven from the top 
  2. Equality and diversity informs our business planning 
  3. Equality and diversity shapes our organisational culture 
  4. Equality and diversity is supported through staff training, development and engagement 
  5. We know who our customers are 
  6. We involve our customers in shaping and scrutinizing services 
  7. We represent the communities which we serve 
  8. We support the communities which we serve 

We're also a member of the Manchester LGBT Housing Group. This was set up to look at what happens for LGBT people in housing in the Greater Manchester area. This group has produced a guide on housing rights for LGBT people over 50 in the North West.

Our Gender Pay Gap statement

Tap here to read our Gender Pay Gap Statement

“We confirm that our data has been calculated and interpreted according to the requirements of the Equality Act 2010 and the Gender Pay Gap Information Regulations 2017.”

Noel Sharpe, Chief Executive Of Bolton at Home

Learn more about our Equality analysis

In developing services that can be accessed by all, we must ensure that our policies are fit for purpose. This means that they are all subjected to a fair review and analysis with our Equality Impact Panel, which is made up of customers.

You can tap here to learn more about our Equality Impact Panel, as well as see instructions on how to join if you're interested.