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Our core purpose is..

..to provide homes and opportunities to support people to build a better life.

About us: intro

Who we are:

Bolton at Home is a registered provider and charitable Community Benefit Society. Our stock totals around 19,000 properties. As well as providing homes, we offer a range of other services. These are available to our tenants, and some are open to other residents living in our communities.

We have four subsidiary companies (links open in a new tab):

Our structure:

​​​​​​Diagram showing the Bolton at Home Group structure. It shows Bolton at Home at the top, with four subsidiary companies: R-haus Living Limited, Starts with you Limited, Maxmedia Communications Limited, and Stonecross Homes Limited.
​​​​​​Diagram showing the Bolton at Home Group structure. It shows Bolton at Home at the top, with four subsidiary companies: R-haus Living Limited, Starts with you Limited, Maxmedia Communications Limited, and Stonecross Homes Limited.

Our values (scroll to see all four of them):

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We act with..

good intentions

..to benefit our customers, communities, and the environment.

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We are..

good communicators

..we keep it simple, speak openly, honestly, and with accountability.

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We are..

good listeners

..we value all voices and ideas.

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We are..

good together

..we team up to find new ways of working, learning, and improving.

Our objectives (scroll to see all four of them):

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1. To provide safe and secure homes.

We need to respond to the changing needs of our customers. This means changing the type of housing we offer and updating our services.

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2. Supporting our customers and communities.

At any one time, we provide targeted support to over 2,000 customers.

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3. To continue to be well-run, responsible and financially secure.

Strong governance is essential for the Group so that we are assured of being well-managed, financially viable and providing value for money.

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4. To promote an inclusive, diverse culture where everyone is accountable and respected.

Our aim is for our colleagues to feel motivated and engaged with the purpose and values of Bolton at Home so that they can deliver on our objectives.

About us: Our Journey Ahead (Business Plan)

Our Journey Ahead (business plan), annual report, and how we're performing:

We have a five-year business plan (40-year financial plan) and update it each year to take into account our changing environment, and we also report on our progress through our annual report. You can read our business plan or our annual report by tapping here

You can also see the latest stats and information on how we're performing by tapping here.

In this short video, our Group CEO, Noel Sharpe, summarises our future plans and what you can expect from us as your landlord in the coming years:

About us: more about us

Image of our Valley House office and reception entrance

More about us:

We own, manage, and maintain more than 18,000 homes across the borough. We invest to improve the quality of our properties for tenants and are building new homes to give as many people as we can the opportunity to live in a quality, affordable home.

Our work goes far beyond bricks and mortar. We tackle poverty with debt and money advice. We provide food and clothes initiatives and help people keep warm for less. We support tenants and residents into training and employment, and deal with antisocial behaviour.

We help customers to remain independent in their own homes with a community alarm service and adaptations. And we work with volunteer groups to build sustainable communities.

We are a charitable community benefit society that works to make people’s lives better by providing quality housing, giving people opportunities to prosper, and helping customers to maximise their income. To achieve this, we work in partnership with a variety of local charities, social enterprises, and other agencies.

We also work to make a lasting difference to lives across the city region, as one of the 24 Greater Manchester Housing Providers working in partnership to achieve more together. And we have created subsidiaries within our Bolton at Home group structure to acquire more properties, deliver contracts and training opportunities, and provide the means to invest more in communities and neighbourhoods.

We know that successful community regeneration requires more than developing and managing homes, it needs a commitment to help people become more socially and economically active.

Between April 2023 and March 2024, we supported 2,500 households with money advice and helped people to achieve financial gains amounting to £12.8 million. Our employment related programmes helped over 250 people into paid work and more into training. And we supported 181 local groups and organisations.

Also, we provide direct financial support to voluntary, community and social enterprise partners within Bolton. We provide housing and personal support to people who are vulnerable, at risk of homelessness, and survivors of domestic abuse and violence. We run community projects to develop people’s skills, health, and confidence. And our staff make a difference in the neighbourhoods we serve by volunteering and donating to charitable causes.