Unsure about your rights as a social housing resident? An opportunities and empowerment programme called Four Million Homes can help.

four million homes The Department for Levelling Up and, Housing and Communities (DLUHC) introduced Four Million Homes in April 2023. 

This latest government initiative is described as another move to help rebalance power between residents and landlords, following the  Make Things Right Campaign and recent improvements to the Social Housing Regulation Bill including Awaab’s Law, meaning all social landlords will have to fix hazards like damp and mould within set time frames.

The programme will help more social housing residents to understand- their rights, know how to raise issues with their landlords, and be able to shape and improve the services they receive and the homes they live in.

It offers anyone living in (the four million) social housing homes in England advice and training on resident rights and how to stand up for them. 

  • Help customers know their rights and how to access the Housing Ombudsman service.

  • Empower customers with knowledge on their  landlord's responsibilities to provide safe and decent homes.

  • Enable customers to feel confident in reporting problems to their landlord.

  • Encourage customers to be involved and take an active role in how their homes are managed.

Four Million Homes includes a social media campaign (you can stay up to date with it on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo and LinkedIn).

There are monthly webinars on a wide range of topics and eight accredited face-to-face training modules will be available across England (Birmingham, Bristol, Leeds, Liverpool, London, Newcastle and Nottingham). NB: The first sessions have already taken place in May, however online training videos are now available here at  www.fourmillionhomes.org/category/videos/training-videos/. There’s also an opportunity for residents to join a Resident Sounding Board to ensure the ongoing development of Four Million Homes reflects residents’ views and concerns. 

While the training is aimed at social housing residents, staff are welcome to take part to help understand what the training covers and encourage residents to sign up.