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Allow us or our contractors entry to inspect or fix issues. We will usually give you at least 24 hours’ notice unless there is an emergency. Immediate access might be needed in emergencies, and we will try to contact you. If we cannot reach you, we might need to force entry, but we will leave your home secure and will complete any necessary repairs.

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Report any repairs to us as soon as possible, including repairs in communal areas. You are responsible for any repairs that have caused damage because you delayed reporting them.

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Safety and respect:

Be respectful and provide a safe and clear workspace for us and our contractors. This includes not smoking while we are in your home and for at least 20 minutes before you expect us to arrive for the repair appointment.

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Keep the inside and outside of your home in good, clean condition, including gardens, pathways, and communal areas. If damages result from neglect, you are responsible.

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Prevent damage:

Take reasonable precautions to protect your home from fire, frost, or water damage. Do not block pipes or drains. Avoid pouring oils in sinks or flushing nappies, baby wipes, or sanitary products down toilets. Turn off the water supply if you cannot turn a tap off.

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Move items where possible, including furniture, appliances, and floor coverings, if they will be in the way of repairs.

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DIY work:

You are responsible for any repairs or maintenance to any alterations that you have carried out, with or without our permission.

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