Major works and improvements

Major works and long term agreements

We are committed to keeping our housing stock in a good state of repair. This means that from time to time we will need to carry out major works, such as lift or roof replacement, or replacing door entry systems.

Your lease states that you must contribute a share of the costs of any repair or maintenance to the building.

What is a Section 20 Notice?

We are legally required to consult with leaseholders before carrying out major works. This means that as a leaseholder you are entitled to further consultation often called “Section 20” because it was introduced by Section 20 of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985.

Why must we consult you?

We have a duty to consult with leaseholders when:

  • Works to a property will result in a charge to any one leaseholder of more than £250.
  • A long-term agreement (building insurance, grounds maintenance, lifts & door entry systems) with a contractor to provide goods or services lasting more than 12 months means leaseholders are required to pay more than £100 per year.

What are major works charges?

Charges can include (but not limited to) works such as:

  • roof replacement,
  • window replacement to the block,
  • brick or concrete repairs,
  • redecoration,
  • lift replacement

If there are planned works to your property then we will be in touch and further information will be provided.

You can use the search tool on the page below to look up improvement works scheduled to take place in your area.