Our repairs service

Our repairs service is here to carry out essential repairs to your property. We have a team of operatives who cover emergencies, gas and electric jobs, roofing, plumbing and other building repairs.

If you need to report a repair, please tap here for more information: www.boltonathome.org.uk/report-a-repair.

Our repairs policy

Repairs Policy header image

Our Repairs Policy document contains information on these points:

  • Which repairs are our responsibility and which are the tenant’s responsibility.
  • How we prioritise repairs.
  • What happens if there are special reasons we should prioritise a repair.
  • Which repairs might be dealt with by our planned programme.
  • Our response times for different types of repairs.
  • Our out of hours service.
  • Rechargeable repairs.

You can view or download a PDF copy of our Repairs Policy document here: Repairs-Policy-Web-[pdf]-3MB (published 4 December 2023).

Get more information on our repairs service

If you're looking to do repairs yourself, please read the general conditions and complete the tenants permission form: 


Tenants' permission form[doc] 100KB

Then return it to us by: