In some areas, we let garages to used for the storing of private motor vehicles. If you wish to use rent a garage for storing other items you must first seek our written permission. We'll not grant permission for the storage of flammable or other dangerous substances.

Whether you’re a leaseholder or tenant of Bolton at Home or a private landlord, if you’re interested in applying for a garage or garage site, use the Homes for Bolton link below or email us on for further details. 

All of our available garages are advertised on the Homes for Bolton website and are offered on a 'first come first served’ basis. If you're offered a garage we’ll make an appointment with you to sign an agreement. At the appointment we'll explain the tenancy terms and conditions, ask you to pay a week’s rent in advance and give you the keys.

Click here to visit the Homes for Bolton website to see which garages are available to rent.


You can park a car within the boundary of your property if you have a properly built drive, access crossing, dropped kerb and garage or hard standing.  Sometimes we may charge extra rent for this.  Restrictions may apply if you have a vehicle over 3.5 tonnes.

You must not:

  • Park or drive on open areas, footpaths or grass verges.
  • Park any caravan, motor-home, boat or trailer in front of the front elevation of the property, on any grass verge of a communal parking area. 
  • You must have a professionally constructed hardstand, for the vehicle/boat to stand on and written permission from Bolton at Home.
  • Store mopeds,bikes or any motor equipment inside your premises or in internal shared areas.
  • Keep un-roadworthy or illegal vehicles either within the boundary of your home or anywhere else such as open space, parking area or verge.

Vehicle maintenance

You can carry out minor repairs to any vehicles which belong to your household provided you:

  • Carry out the work on your own drive or in your own garage
  • Keep noise, smell and dirt to a minimum
  • Responsibly dispose of remove unwanted oil and vehicle parts at an authorised site
  • Do not cause annoyance to neighbours
  • Do not carry out any welding on your premises.