Bills and meter reading

woman readig a meter It's really important to read your meters and provide regular readings to your supplier.

If they don’t get up to date readings, they'll rely on estimates which can lead to inaccurate bills.

Estimated bills

Estimated electricity bill It is not recommended to pay a bill if it is estimated.

If your supplier has under estimated how much gas or electric you have used, you could be faced with a large bill or debt owing.  Similarly, if they have over estimated your usage, they will owe you money.

If you receive an estimated bill, simply take the reading, give it to your supplier and ask for a new accurate bill.

How do I take meter readings?

image of meter reading Read the numbers from left to right, including any zeros – this is the meter reading you should provide to your supplier.

Ignore any numbers after the decimal point or in red. If your meter does not have a decimal point, read all numbers, including any zeros.

e.g. the reading for this meter would be 05812.

How do I check if my bills are estimated?

Estimated electricity bill You should check your bill when it arrives to see if it show an actual or estimated reading. In this example, the bill is estimated at 003433.

Simply take a new meter reading, give it to your supplier and ask for a new accurate bill.