How do I apply for the Discretionary Council Tax Reduction Scheme?

Calculator icon Discretionary Council Tax Reduction Scheme Payment (DCTRS) is a way of helping you if the amount of Council Tax Support you get is not enough to pay your Council Tax.

You can apply for a Council Tax Reduction Payment via the Discretionary Housing Payment (DHP) process which is a short-term payment to help people with their rent/Council Tax if they are experiencing financial hardship. They can be awarded as a one-off payment or as a series of payments.

To make a claim you must fill in and complete a Discretionary Housing Payment Application form and advise why you are unable to pay your rent. 

Click here to learn how to make your claim.

DCTRS Notice

Please note that the Discretionary Council Tax Reduction Scheme is directly linked to the Discretionary Housing Payment (DHP). You can find more details on that payment here.

What if my Discretionary Housing Payment is refused?

If you don’t agree with the decision on your Discretionary Housing Payment claim, you can ask Bolton Council to review it again. They will review it if:

  • They have refused your award, or
  • They have awarded a reduced amount, or
  • They advised they overpaid you

You need to contact Bolton Council on 01204 333333 if you want them to review your claim.

We can also look at your application and advise whether you have grounds to review this. If you do have grounds then we can assist you.

Please call our Money Advice Team ( on 01204 328000 if you need support.

Which documents do I need to make a Discretionary Housing Payment claim?

When completing your Discretionary Housing Payment form, you need to:

  • Include ALL your income and expenditure
  • Provide details on your circumstances, include information such as, have you registered to move, or have you seen anyone to sort out any debt issues?
  • Include as much detail as possible on why you can’t meet the rent payments

Please return your form direct to:  Revenues and Benefits, Bolton Council, PO Box 4, Town Hall, Bolton, BL1 1YZ.