What to do if you have money worries

Don’t panic! 

We offer a free, confidential service to help you.

Open letters 

Keep as evidence of how much you owe and need to pay.

Respond immediately to payment demands

Write to say what help you are obtaining or if you are unable to make a payment.

Don’t ignore debts

They will NOT go away and the longer you leave, the worse they will get. Contact us straight away for help and support.

Write down income and out goings

Work out if you have enough regular income to pay your debts.

Don’t take out more loans to pay off debts

Additional borrowing can seem like a good idea and may well help in the short-term, but can too often lead to more serious longer-term problems.  Contact us for help and support.

Don’t feel harassed or intimidated

You still have rights even though you owe money. Please contact us for help and support.

Be aware of high interest lenders

Please be aware: Debt management companies, doorstep lenders, loan sharks and high street money lenders are all profit making organisations that are out to make money from you.

They will charge high interest rates and make charges for lending money.

For low cost and affordable loans, we would recommend Hoot Credit Union, click here for more information.