Discretionary Housing Payment - how to apply

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Discretionary housing payment (DHP)  is a way of helping you if the amount of Housing Benefit or housing costs in your Universal Credit you get is not enough to pay your rent.

DHP are short-term payments to help people with their rent if they are experiencing financial hardship. They can be awarded as a one-off payment or as a series of payments.

DHPs are not Housing Benefit, however, to receive a DHP you must be  receiving some Housing Benefit or Universal Credit which includes an amount for housing costs.

To make a claim you must fill in and complete a Discretionary Housing Payment Application form and advise why you are unable to pay your rent.  Click on this link for how to make your claim.

You can download this helpful factsheet on Discretionary Housnig Payment:

Discretionary Housing Payment - V1 0417.pdf [pdf] 125KB

Bedroom tax

Bolton Council introduced an Under Occupancy charge (Bedroom Tax) in April 2013.  This means that working age tenants who receive Housing Benefit with a spare bedroom will lose:

  • 14% of the eligible rent for one spare bedroom
  • 25% of the eligible rent for two or more spare bedrooms

For more information about Under Occupancy or Bedroom Tax, visit www.Bolton.gov.uk

You can download this helpful fact sheet on Bedroom Tax:

Bedroom tax - fact sheet - V1 0418.pdf [pdf] 103KB

What if i am affected by bedroom tax?

If you affected by the under occupancy charge, you have the following options:

  • Stay in your current home and pay the difference on your rent.
  • Move to a suitable sized home - contact our specialist Moving Options Officer - 01204 328000
  • Apply for Discretionary Housing Payment from Bolton Council.
  • Contact our Money Advice Team on 01204 329868.

Other people who live with you

If there are other people, aged over 18 who live with you, they will be expected to pay towards housing costs and Council Tax.

These people are called non dependants and we take a set amount off your benefit for them based on their income.

For more information visit www.bolton.gov.uk/website/pages/Housingbenefit.aspx