Template letters and leaflets

Lady's hand signing document On this page you will find lots of useful template letters to help when dealing with non priority debt issues.

You will also find some self help leaflets on Money Matters and how to help yourself out of debt.

See our template letters and leaflets

Budget Sheet: Before you do anything make sure that you have your budget sheet ready as this needs to be sent to your creditors when discussing any debts:

Budget Sheet [docx] 15KB

1. Offer payment to creditors: Use this letter to make an initial offer of payment to your creditors based on your available income:

Offer payment to creditors [docx] 18KB

2. Freeze interest letter: Use this letter when a creditor refuses to freeze the interest or additional charges on your account:

Freeze interest letter [docx] 18KB

3. Reconsider my offer letter: Use this letter when a creditor has refused your initial offer of payment:

Reconsider my offer letter [docx] 18KB

4. Continue accepting my offer letter: Use this letter if your situation has not improved to ask your creditors to keep accepting your current payment offer:

Continue accepting my offer letter [docx] 18KB

5. Write off the debt letter: Use this letter to ask your creditors if they would consider writing off your debt:

Write off the debt letter [docx] 20KB

Get more advice on money matters

Take a look at our leaflet to get more advice on money matters: