Equality analysis

As a social landlord we ensure that all of our policies are fit for purpose. This means that they are all subjected to a fair review and analysis with the Equality Impact Panel, which is made up of customers.

The review on each policy is throrough and identifies 13 different characteristics. These are the legal protected characteristics that legally we would also commit to, but we have also identified other characteristics that ensure that all of our customers are protected.

The review of the policies allows for customers to have a say in how the business operates and the policies that impact the lives of all our customers.

We thank our EIA panel for their input and their continued support to ensure that Bolton at Home is run as it should be, and that the customers are our first priority as shown in the Equality Impact Analysis.

Get in touch

If you have any questions about the EiA process, or if you wish to join the panel, please email rob.andrews@boltonathome.org.uk.