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We’re transforming Trinity Retail Park into a community focused green technology, business and skills hub called Greenworks.

Greenworks will be Bolton’s first low carbon business park and is set to become an environmental centre of excellence for the region.

The area is based just off the A666/St Peter’s Way and close to Bolton’s town centre.

Greenworks is a Bolton at Home project delivered in partnership with Urban Outreach.

Future plans with Urban Outreach to tackle food poverty from the site include food growing and hydroponics (growing without relying on soil).

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Here's an overview:

Questions and answers for tenants:

Here’s a set of questions and answers, first published in the news section of our website on 17 March 2021.

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1. Our plans for the site:

Our partner Urban Outreach was worried about the sale of the site and the loss of their venue, as the borough requires a food hub project to support local communities. They were looking to purchase the leasehold of their unit, but this could still be insecure depending on who bought the freehold.

We realised the potential opportunities offered by purchasing the site to guarantee security for Urban Outreach and explore new opportunities for us. We need to invest in green tech to reduce fuel poverty and meet carbon reduction targets and we currently have no facility to train our staff to install or maintain these green technologies. We also saw opportunities to offer training to other organisations and tenants so you can access new jobs in green tech.

Trinity Retail Park is a good location near to us with space and scope to explore green technology, carbon reduction, co-working, a green centre of excellence, research and development opportunities and manufacturing. We’re also exploring replicating a modular home on the site for training purposes.

Plus, we’ll look at food growing possibilities and an orchard, which could support Urban Outreach’s goal to reduce food poverty and increase sustainability and affordable food for all.

Our vision for the land will help us achieve our overarching objectives to:

Decorative Greenworks 'on button' icon 1. meet customers’ housings needs,

Decorative Greenworks 'on button' icon 2. support our customers to be more independent and our communities to be more sustainable,

Decorative Greenworks 'on button' icon and 3. ensure we run a socially responsible and financially secure business.

We’re developing a full business plan for the site and would expect it’ll take at least 12 months from us taking ownership through to starting new business operations onsite.

This is a first for Bolton but we can be confident in its impact, as Wythenshawe Community Housing Group already manages a similar enterprise.

2. Funding details:

Approximately £2.2m. We’ve funded it from our reserves and it won’t impact Bolton at Home tenants’ rents.

Commercial rents and revenues from leased units along with external funding will help us meet future costs for the site.

Urban Outreach, the other Greenworks founding partner, also made significant investment on the site to secure the future for its humanitarian food storage and distribution service.

December 2020.

Three large retail units and land used for parking (not all the car park), the access road, some land across the local river, some billboards, leasehold arrangements with existing tenants and the freehold of the site.

We don’t own the Arnold Clark unit.

Urban Outreach also bought the leasehold on one of the units and we’re now their landlord.

We’re exploring external funding opportunities and hoping to access national funding and investment such as the Build Back Better Fund, which has grants available for green technology.

We plan for the development to be a not-for-profit enterprise, for revenue to cover costs and to reinvest any surplus into employment and enterprise projects and green technology initiatives.

3. How will it impact local businesses?

Our plans shouldn’t affect them.

Once our project is up and running, it’ll create opportunities for local businesses to use the training facilities to reskill their own staff on green technologies. We’ll announce more about the opportunities in due course.

4. How will it affect or benefit tenants?

This purchase will not impact what you pay to live in your home and our development will pay for itself in the future through the commercial rents from businesses leasing the units.

Also, we won’t need to stop or scale back any of other services in order to pay for this.

No. New homes are urgently needed throughout the borough and beyond to provide more quality affordable housing and reduce the risk of homelessness, but we’re looking at more suitable locations for people to live.

While we won’t build new homes here, we’ll use the site to better respond to the increasing impact of climate change. Using the space to help us explore more green technologies will enable us to identify innovative solutions to reduce carbon emissions and develop the means to deliver sustainable improvements to properties including your home.

Yes. Our plans will create new opportunities on the site to benefit you.

It’ll complement our existing training, employment and enterprise offer for tenants and residents; help to establish new green businesses; create some new jobs and lead to other reskilling opportunities.

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Here's how you can get involved as a business:

We’re inviting businesses from Bolton and across Greater Manchester to get in touch, share your priorities with us and tell us how Greenworks could benefit you.

As a first step, we have survey questions and more information for you on our dedicated Greenworks business website here:

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