An update from us on Greenworks (May 2024)

An update from us on Greenworks (May 2024)

We wanted to share some news about Greenworks. This initiative is part of our broader efforts to make our properties more eco-friendly and help the environment.

Our focus is on upgrading homes while reducing carbon emissions. This is our contribution towards the larger goal of achieving carbon neutrality in our local and regional areas. We’re committed to balancing the carbon saved through our improvements with the carbon emissions that go into the atmosphere.

In December 2020, we bought three large retail units and some land at Trinity Retail Park in Bolton. We wanted to turn this place into a special area for learning about green skills and low-carbon technologies. We planned to train our staff here on latest ways to make homes and buildings more energy efficient. We also planned to use this space to teach more people and local businesses about how to reduce carbon.

Since then, the world has seen many changes. These changes made our original vision more challenging, so we’re adjusting our plans to keep Greenworks moving forward.

After careful consideration, we’ve decided to sell our assets at the Trinity site and we’ll use the money from the sale to improve homes and services. This is what you’ve told us you want in our surveys - for us to invest more in where you live.

We promise that we’ll continue working to reduce carbon and make your homes use less energy and cost less to run.

Even though we’re selling the Trinity site, we’re still committed to Greenworks. Greenworks isn’t really about a place, it’s about how we work. We’ll keep training our staff in the latest green technologies to help us reach our goals.

We’ll also work closely with our partners to build on our existing training and employment offer to provide opportunities for customers, businesses, and others across Bolton and Greater Manchester. Together, we’ll work towards a net-zero carbon future.

We’ll keep you updated about our plans and projects.