Your tenancy

A tenancy agreement is a legally binding contract. It means we both have responsibilities.

If you have a question about your tenancy agreement, please phone us on 01204 328000 or you can contact your housing officer through your local neighbourhood office or UCAN centre.

Furnishing your home

If you need any help to furnish your new home Bolton at Home can offer support with a range of furniture options – these include;

  • Access to a range of low cost reused furniture items from our ‘Partners’
  • Furniture loan from HOOT Credit Union
  • Local Welfare Provision

For more details contact your housing officer through your local neighbourhood office or UCAN centre.

Download our furniture support leaflet here. Emmaus leaflet [pdf] 656KB

Furnished tenancies that are coming to an end: answers to frequently asked questions here: furnished tenancies FAQ [pdf] 270KB


Ending a tenancy

You need to give us four weeks notice to end your tenancy. Notice to end a tenancy needs to be in writing using the Notice of tenancy termination form A or B. The notice period begins from the first Monday after we receive the notice.

You should use the Notice of tenancy termination form A if:

  • You are leaving Bolton at Home.
  • You are going to prison.
  • You are going into hospital or a nursing home.

Notice of tenancy termination A (leaving your property)[docx] 685KB

You should use Notice of tenancy termination form B if:

  • The tenant has died. In this case the notice period is two weeks. 

Notice of tenancy termination B (death of a tenant) [docx] 679KB

You must make sure that the property, gardens and outbuildings are left clean and tidy and in good condition. You must remove all your belongings before you leave. If you do not do this we will have to charge you. 
You must pay any outstanding rent and other debts. 

All keys must be handed in by 10am on the Monday after the tenancy is terminated. You will remain responsible for paying the full rent until the notice period has expired and the tenancy has ended. Do not post your keys through the letterbox.


Get in touch

If you need advice about your tenancy you can get in touch with your local neighbourhood office or call us on 01204 328000.

Your tenancy images

Lady's hand writing on a tenancy agreement

Pet guide

Whether you’re a new tenant or have been with us a while, this guide will be useful if you’re thinking of getting a pet, already have pets or experiencing issues
with a neighbour’s pet.  Pet guide[pdf] 692KB

A day in the life of a Tenancy Services Manager

"On average Gareth deals with about two or three allocations every week that require further consideration following verification checks; and for him to work with other agencies to find the right solution."

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More tenancy info

Further reading:

You can download and read our full tenancy policy.

Tenancy policy[pdf] 255KB

Once you've signed up to your tenancy we'll provide you with a sign up pack which includes information to support you with your tenancy. Contact us for details.

5730 - B@H - tenancy agreement_final sample.pdf [pdf] 1MB