What do my service charges mean?

Maintenance items

These are repairs to your block that have been reported to us.They may not have been reported by you, it could be by your neighbours, visitors to the block or our employees.

The amount you pay is a part of the full cost depending on how many properties are in your block.
For example, if there are 4 flats in the block, the cost is divided by 4.

Digital TV/ Satellite dish/ Cable TV

This is the aerial to the block to receive a TV signal. If you have a Sky dish you still have to pay this charge.
If you did not have this service you would not be able to receive any television channels.

Communal lighting

This covers all external and internal lighting to communal areas.


If your block has a lift you will pay this charge, even if you live on the ground floor.

Grounds maintenance

This includes grass cutting and maintenance of shrubs & hedges for the whole of your estate and the borough.

If you choose to cut the grass or maintain any shrub/flower beds on communal land then this is appreciated, however the charge still applies as the service still exists.

This service is only for land that belongs to us. If you know of an area that isn’t being maintained, please email bh_neighbourhoodservices@boltonathome.org.uk

Laundry facilities

If you have access to a laundry you will pay this charge, even if you choose not to use this facility.

Community centre

If you have access to a community centre you will pay this charge, even if you do not choose to use this facility.

Fire extinguisher

If there are communal fire extinguishers in your block you will pay this charge.

Door entry/ security door

If to access the block you need a fob or your visitors have to‘buzz’ you, this charge will apply.


Caretaking service

All blocks with communal areas receive a cleaning service. This includes sweeping and mopping of:
• Entrance areas
• Stairs
• Lifts
• Landings
• Paths within the boundary of the flats
• Communal windows front and rear entry

If you choose you keep your communal area clean and tidy, this is appreciated. However, this charge still applies as the service still exists.

Concierge service

If visitors to your block have to contact concierge for access, this charge applies.

Warden service/Intercom link to warden

If you have a warden service these charges will apply.

Management charge (15%)

This is a percentage of your charges and includes:

  • Preparing and distributing service charge budgets/estimates.
  • Collecting service charges.
  • Providing management information to residents.
  • Periodic health and safety checks
  • Keeping records of residents and tenancy details.
  • Preparing specifications for minor works and services.

Buildings insurance

Buildings insurance covers the cost of repairs to the fabric of your building (that’s the bricks, roof, windows etc.) in the event of damage.
We are responsible for the building insurance for our blocks. As per your lease you will pay a contribution to this.
Contents Insurance is the responsibility of the resident.

Further information

Please note payment of service charges is a condition of your lease.