Improvements or alterations to your property

Owners Permission 

If you are a leaseholder or freeholder of a property originally owned by Bolton at Home (or Bolton Council) then you must obtain consent from us before making any alterations . If you have already started or completed alteration work without applying for our consent, then you will need to apply for retrospective consent. 

You must complete an application form and receive written consent from us before you make any arrangements for work to begin.  

Your lease or transfer requires that permission is needed if you wish to carry out any  

alterations or improvements. Some leases differ but generally this includes works affecting: 

  • The exterior of the building; or 

  • The structure of the building (including the removal of internal walls). 

  • Works outside the demised premises 


But I own my property, why do I need written permission from Bolton at Home?  

  • Permission for alterations and improvements forms part of your lease agreement or transfer. 

  • Bolton at Home need be aware of any changes in the structure of the properties 

  • It allows Bolton at Home to keep their residents, buildings and associated property safe

If you wish to carry out alterations or improvement works to your home you must apply for our consent and provide details of the proposed works.  

Consent may be granted subject to conditions, such as obtaining planning permission and/or appropriate buildings regulations consent.  

We do not need to know about minor work such as decorating. 


How do I apply for permission? 

You will need to complete an application form and provide details of the proposed works.  

You can download and complete your application form using this link:
Permissions Application Form.docx[pdf] 223KB

Write to: Owner Occupier Permissions, Bolton at Home, 98 Waters Meeting Road, Bolton, BL1 8SW 

Call: 01204 328000

Some works will require a surveyor to visit your home if this is the case an appointment will be made.

If permission is refused we will provide a reason. If you go ahead with work after we have refused permission you will be breaking the terms/conditions of your lease. If you do something without permission we have the right to put things back as they were and charge you for it.


Do I need to pay a fee?

There is a fee payable for permissions, once the application form is received an invoice will be raised.

Fees for permissions

Before works started

£300 + VAT- £360 

Work already completed 

£400 + VAT- £480 


What types of improvements are likely to be refused permission? 

All applications for improvements are assessed on their individual merit.

However, we would not permit the following improvements or alterations:  

  • That adversely affect or impact on our, your neighbours’ or your neighbours’ property;  

  • That affect any part of the building which is not designated as part of your leasehold agreement;  

  • that affect the structure of the building; or  

  • that affect the use of communal areas or facilities 

  • Loft Conversion (Flats) 

  • Window replacement(Flats) 

Windows to flats are deemed to be part of the building’s structure and so are the responsibility of Bolton at Home to maintain or replace and there is no obligation to accept any request for a window renewal.  


Party Wall Act 1996 

You must tell your neighbour’s if you want to carry out any building work near or on your shared property boundary, or ‘party wall’, in England and Wales. 

Party walls stand on the land of 2 or more owners and either: 

  • form part of a building 

  • don’t form part of a building, such as a garden wall (not wooden fences) 

Walls on one owner’s land used by other owners (2 or more) to separate their buildings are also party walls. 


Work you must tell your neighbour about  

You must tell your neighbour if you want to: 

  • build on or at the boundary of your 2 properties 

  • work on an existing party wall or party structure 

  • dig below and near to the foundation level of their property 

Examples of this type of work include: 

  • building a new wall 

  • cutting into a party wall 

  • making a party wall taller, shorter or deeper 

  • removing chimneys from a party wall 

  • knocking down and rebuilding a party wall 

If you wish to complete work on one of your walls that adjoins a Bolton at Home property, please send a Party Wall Notice, detailing all the works to be completed to: 

For further advice and template documents, visit: