Working Wardrobe banner reading 'Get the look. Get the job.'

Working Wardrobe has been set up by Bolton at Home's Employment Team to tackle another barrier into employment that so many men and women face today: that barrier is the lack of suitable clothing to wear in order to make a good first impression during job interviews.

You'll find more information on the Working Wardrobe website:

More from our Employment Team: our guide to CVs

Our guide to CVs thumbnail

Creating the right CV is an important step in your job search. It will get you through the employer’s first sift of applications and get you an interview.

You can read our guide to CVs to learn about everything a good CV should include:

Our guide to CVs.pdf [pdf] 147KB

Does your CV have everything it needs? Read through your CV and check off each of the points that you have included using our handy CV checklist:

Our CV checklist.pdf [pdf] 116KB

More from our Employment Team: preparing for your interview

Preparing for your interview guide thumbnail

Been offered an interview? First of all- congratulations! Your CV or application was good and they want to see who you are and what you can do for them.

Interviews can be a daunting experience, but with preparation and self-awareness it really doesn’t have to be.

Our 'Preparing for your interview' guide will walk you through what to expect- including the types of questions you might get asked- and the types of questions you should ask, too. Download a copy below: