Support for carers 50+

If you're 50+, have caring responsibilities, live in Bolton, and want to explore any employment or training oppotunities then the Working Potential Team can help. 

They're passionate about supporting people on their journey, helping them to maybe learn new skills or supporting them into new working roles and are looking for our help to raise awareness of the project.

As well as this, they also aim to reduce social isolation with our carers, improving self esteem and working towards removing other barriers to employment that are being experienced.

Pauline is a full time carer for her mum

Vickie is a full time carer for her husband

Get in touch

For further information:
call: Tara on 07789 031699 or Yvonne on 07770 314785.

or email:

In their own words

‘This project has helped me personally in two ways.  Firstly, it’s got me back into education, both learning & teaching, which I love.  Secondly, it’s given me & my husband the opportunity to enjoy a past time together that he enjoys & we couldn’t afford this on our own.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.’

In their own words

"The most difficult thing about being a carer is...both physically and mentally - you never stop and you never stop worrying. Working Potential helps you to believe in yourself, believe in what you can do, what you can offer and how to make it happen”.