Read the We are Women Magazine

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Want to read the We are Women Magazine? You can download it below:


Watch the We are Women Webinars

The ‘We Are Women’ webinars celebrate strength & amplify women's voices across Greater Manchester.

If you'd like to watch some of the highlights from all five webinars, our colleagues have put together the wrap-up in the post below to celebrate International Women's Day (2021) on March 8, 2021:

Don't worry if you missed out on the webinars when they were live. You can re-watch them in full below:

Webinar 1 (3 November) - Women are Educators (53 mins)

Webinar 2 (10 November) - Women are Leaders (49 mins)

Webinar 3 (17 November) - Women are Activists (45 mins)

Webinar 4 (24 November) - Women are Change Makers (58 mins)

Webinar 5 (2 February 2021) 

Listen to the We are Women podcast

Listen to the We are Women podcast below (21 mins, 25 seconds, 25 November 2020):