Sabden Photo Exhibition 2021 (Johnson Fold)

During August 2021, our Community Investment staff teamed-up with 19-year-old Milly Stanworth- a local photographer who’d been recommended to us by a member of the Sabden Growers group. 

The goal? To create something that’d celebrate local people, spotlight their experiences during the pandemic, and spread a hopeful message by showcasing their aspirations going forward.

Click or tap the tiles below to see the photos and hear the stories of how the pandemic changed the lives of those featured.

Spot anyone you know?

After debuting in-person at the Sabden Growing site (Johnson Fold), positive reactions from residents made it clear we’d need to ‘digitalise’ the exhibition so more of you could experience it. We hope you enjoy it as much as local residents did.

All of the images in this album were captured by Milly and are accompanied by each residents’/groups’ stories, which were collected by Danielle and Demi from our Community Investment Team. 

Thanks to everyone that’d contributed to the exhibition. Fantastic work all round.