A bit about Careline

Careline can help you live independently in your own home whether you are an owner occupier or tenant. We offer a 24 hour, 365 day a year community alarm service. If you're elderly or vulnerable you can get help from experienced staff at the touch of a button. Our staff can respond if you need emergency help at any time of the day or night.

We can provide help to people of all ages, people with disabilities or long term illnesses, those experiencing domestic violence or even if you just want extra reassurance. Anyone who lives in Bolton can be a Careline customer. 

We can also help if you are discharged from hospital. In this situation we usually provide the Careline service free of charge for four weeks. 

I'm OK unit

Tell us you are fine at the touch of a button with our new monitoring service.

It’s called the I’M OK service and we can install this unit in your home.

By simply
pressing the green flashing button each day we will know that you're well- if you don’t press it we will be alerted that something is wrong.

For more information on this or any Careline service please call 01204 335733.

How does Careline work?

We install a small unit that connects to your phone and you get a pendant which you wear. A microphone in the unit means that our staff can hear you and you can hear them even if you can’t get to the home unit.

If you are suffering from domestic abuse we can supply a special unit that does not make a sound in your home.

When you need help press the alarm button on your pendant or unit. This will put you in touch with our staff. Our staff will assess the situation and respond how they think best. The response could be sending a doctor, friend or relative or one of our mobile staff members if you live in the Bolton borough. They can also contact the emergency services.  

How much does Careline cost?

There is a weekly charge for Careline.

Weekly charge £4.28 per week 
Monthly charge £17.12 per month
Yearly charge £205.44 per year  
(plus VAT where applicable)

For advice on charges, grants and exemptions, just give us a call.

Get in touch

For more info about any Careline services 

Call: 01204 335733 (24hrs a day, 365 days a year)

Email: Careline@boltonathome.org.uk

Write to:
Ground Floor
123 Prince St

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In your words

“Thanks Careline for calling an ambulance for my brother after falling, Careline had saved his life as he had difficulty breathing”

“Thank you for all your care and compassion looking after mum. We can’t thank you enough”

Family members of Careline customers.

In your words

"Thanks again for your kindness and concern regarding my dad, you yet again saved the day attending early morning yesterday. I know he can be stubborn and difficult but this man lead such an active life until ill health overtook. Today he sang your praises and described you as angels."

Family member of Careline customer.

Telecare: additional help if you need it

If you have a social care assessment and are identified with specific health needs you may be able to have additional equipment fitted to help you remain independent at home. There will be an additional charge of £3.82 per week. Some customers might qualify for help with this service.

If you need more information please get in touch.

Click here to visit the Bolton Council website for more information.