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Bolton at Home and Arcon complete merger and reveal future name

Bolton at Home and Arcon complete merger and reveal future name

Bolton at Home and Arcon Housing Association have merged as of 31 March 2024 and we’ve announced plans for a new name to better reflect the combined organisation.

In February 2023, we put forward a proposal to merge Bolton at Home and Arcon into a single organisation, initially keeping the Bolton at Home name. This proposal came four years after Arcon became a subsidiary of Bolton at Home.

We held a successful consultation with Arcon customers throughout the summer and autumn of 2023, and the merger received Board approval in October 2023.

The merger was finalised after securing approval from funders and the housing regulator. Arcon has now come into Bolton at Home and no longer exists as a separate organisation.

Starting from April 2025, we’ll begin to gradually introduce Be One Homes as our new name and visual identity.

Noel Sharpe, our Group Chief Executive Officer, said: “We embarked on our journey with Arcon in 2019 and it’s a partnership that has already created many positive outcomes for our customers, communities and our staff.

“Becoming one organisation was a natural next step. It enables us to continue investing in homes and services, delivering significant benefits for our communities across the region. 

“The efficiencies and financial savings achieved by operating as a single team will help us to provide more people with a safe, secure and affordable place to live.”

Explaining the new name for our organisation, Noel added: “Though Bolton is, and will remain, our heartland, we’ve been developing and managing more homes outside of the borough over the last few years. Joining together with Arcon has further added to the number of homes we have in other areas of Greater Manchester and the Northwest.

“We want all our customers, staff and stakeholders to feel valued by and connected with us. For these reasons we decided to explore a new name that’s not location-specific and better reflects our shared values. Be One Homes embodies our commitment to accountability, inclusivity and togetherness.”

Arcon’s 1,300 homes across the region are now part of Bolton at Home, and Arcon customers have Bolton at Home as their landlord. All tenancy agreements, leases, and rights remain unchanged.

Rents and service charges will continue to be set according to government guidelines, and services will be delivered as they have been previously.

If you were an Arcon customer, you can get more information on our welcome page:

A graphic saying Arcon and Bolton at Home are now one organisation and we'd like to take this opportunity to wish Arcon colleagues and customers a warm welcome, we're delighted to have you with us.