Mediation can help if you're in dispute with a neighbour

Mediation is when an impartial professional (the mediator) helps both sides work out an agreement. It’s confidential and is usually quicker and cheaper than going to court. It's also an effective way of resolving disputes involving an independent, impartial, third party – the mediator.

Mediation provides a safe, structured, and positive environment for people in dispute to come to a mutually acceptable agreement and better understanding of each other. To deliver a Mediation service to our customers, we (Bolton at Home) work in partnership with Smile Mediation.

As well as offering a tried-and-tested approach to resolving disputes with neighbours, Mediation can also:

  • prevent issues from resurfacing,
  • help you to create new, healthy relationships with neighbours,
  • increase confidence and improve mental health.

Taking that first step is as easy as getting in touch (using the details below). Then, if both parties commit and agree to using mediation, professional mediators can work to achieve positive outcomes for everyone involved.

Interested in Mediation? Here's what to do:

Please let us know if you're interested in Mediation by calling 01204 328000. 

When you get in touch, we'll make an initial referral to our Mediation provider, Smile Mediation, who'll contact all parties involved to arrange a Mediation session, which is usually delivered online.

Please remember that both parties will need to agree to Mediation before it can progress.

Our guide on being a Good Neighbour

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You can download our on being a good neighbour.

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We want to make sure you’re comfortable in your home and enjoy being a part of your community. Living side by side with neighbours can sometimes result in challenges or disagreements - so, understanding each other’s differences is key to living peacefully in your home.

Designed in collaboration with customers, our Good Neighbour Guide contains our top tips and pieces of advice for building good relationships with your neighbours. 

You can view or download our Good Neighbour Guide by tapping here.