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Resolve Conflict Coaching sessions

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Are you a Bolton at Home tenant? Do you:

  • ..keep quiet to avoid disagreements and falling out?
  • ..struggle to say or do the right thing in conflict?
  • ..feel as though you have too many arguments?
  • ..loose your temper too often?
  • ..does the thought of talking through a problem/dispute with someone make you feel anxious?
  • ..have you ever felt overwhelmed and avoided someone in a conflict situation for too long?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, our free Conflict Coaching service can help.

Offered separately to our Mediation service (which you can learn more about at:, our Conflict Coaching sessions are designed to equip you (or another Bolton at Home tenant you know) to deal with difficult situations/conflict in a calmer, more positive and effective way. You don't currently have to be in a dispute to benefit from this service.

Sessions involve discussions about how you usually react in conflict and how you'd like to develop your skills to improve relationships and communication. You'll learn how to be heard, achieve more positive relationships, and resolve disagreements effectively.

Speak to Cat (07789 031622) or Zandra (07768 144498) about how you can become more confident when dealing with conflict. You can also email: