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Remembering Eunice

Remembering Eunice

We wanted to take a moment to pay tribute to Eunice Rowley, who recently passed away, and remember and celebrate some of the incredible things she did.

Eunice was a remarkable person who, as a long time tenant and champion for tenants’ needs and rights, helped to make customer-facing services better for everyone living in our neighbourhoods. Eunice was also a pillar of strength in her community for those who needed some support at different times.

Eunice was part of a team offering crucial insight when we changed from managing homes for Bolton Council to being a housing association in 2011. Eunice also cared deeply about disabled people living in homes that suited their individual needs and pushed for a separate budget for home adaptations to provide the best experience possible.

Eunice performed a lot of different volunteer roles and worked with us in highly influential ways, including being on our Board and customer-led committees over the years. Eunice also made sure our policies were inclusive and considerate of customers’ needs as the tenant lead on our Equality in Action Panel.

All of these examples and many more showed how Eunice, alongside other tenant advocates, had a real say in important housing decisions over decades that will continue to shape our services.

We know that Eunice loved seeing improvements made to tenants’ homes and she was always there to challenge us as an organisation and make sure tenants’ ideas were heard.

In 2021, Eunice was nationally recognised when she received a special lifetime achievement award for her contributions to social housing. People were amazed by her kindness and how she kept helping others, including through the pandemic.

Said then, and true today, our Group CEO Noel Sharpe described Eunice as being a leader in her community and a shining example of what dedication and commitment can achieve. We’ll miss her.

We wrote a feature article about, and with, Eunice in issue 8 of our Quarter Turn magazine for older customers. You can still read it at if you want to learn a little more about Eunice and the tremendous impact she had on us. It includes a personal reflection from Eunice on the role she played in helping us to continually improve and more about the Housing Hero award that she received, and that she was.