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Our team can help you to Resolve disagreements with a neighbour

Our team can help you to Resolve disagreements with a neighbour

In disagreement with a neighbour?

Don't worry. Expert staff in from our Resolve Mediation Service are experienced in supporting neighbours to settle disputes relating to things like:

  • noise nuisance,
  • rubbish in gardens,
  • verbal abuse/harassment,
  • difference in lifestyles (e.g. noisy children),
  • damage to property,
  • and more.

We have a strong track record for resolving cases, with lasting success, and our customers report high levels of satisfaction.

It's a free service for Bolton at Home tenants (as well as anyone else involved in the dispute), and you can see answers to some of the most commonly-asked questions at:

You can also get in touch with the team directly if you think they could help you or someone you care about. Just call either Cat (07789 031622) or Zandra (07768 144498).

What might happen when you get in touch:

  • You'll be asked to explain your situation (and we'll let you know if mediation would be appropriate).
  • We'll then write to your neighbour who'll be given the option of meeting to discuss the situation. You'll remain anonymous at this stage.
  • If we don't hear from your neighbour- no further steps will be taken. If they're willing to take part, two of our mediators will visit both parties separately.
  • The next step might involve meeting your neighbour as part of a mediation meeting. Each person will be given the opportunity to talk and ask questions. The mediator will focus on the problems and solutions for both parties.
  • What everyone agrees will then be written into a Mediation Agreement and both parties will be asked to sign it.

Promotional graphic for our Resolve Mediation service.