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Our Plan: your guide to what we’re doing

Our Plan: your guide to what we’re doing

Our newest five-year business plan is out now. It shows what we’re focusing on and what we promise to do.

Tap here to read Our journey ahead, our plan for 2024 to 2029.

Read on for an overview.


Here’s what we’re working on:

  1. Improving homes: we want to make sure homes are safe, affordable, can meet changing needs, and in line with industry standards.
  2. Supporting communities: we’re working to provide good customer experiences, provide different kinds of help where needed, and create opportunities for community involvement.
  3. Money matters: we’re focusing on being sustainable, providing value for money, and following rules and regulations.
  4. Inclusivity and diversity: we want to make sure everyone feels welcome, that we celebrate differences, and help people to develop.
  5. Working together: we’re teaming up with others to reduce carbon, prevent damp and mould, and help communities grow.


Why read Our Plan?

  • Better understand why we’re here: to provide homes and opportunities to support people to build a better life.
  • Find out how things like the cost of living crisis and changes in rules and regulations affect what we do.
  • Learn about how we’re fighting climate change, cutting down carbon emissions, and helping people to save money.
  • See how what you say, how tenants get involved, and how we work with communities shapes what we do.


Our Plan is an open book on what we're working to achieve and the challenges we face. 

We’ll update you in the coming weeks and months as we deliver our plans.