Online form issues

We're currently having an issue with our online forms.

If you need to contact us, or report a repair, please call 01204 328000 or use out webchat facility.

We apologise for an inconvenience.

Before you report a repair online

Think about these questions:

  1. Is the repair an emergency?
    Repairs reported online may not be recieved immediately. If you have an emergency call 01204 32 8000.
  2. Will you be charged if we do this repair?
    Click here to see our information on what repairs you are responsible for. 
  3. If possible have you tried to fix it yourself?
    Click here to see our repairs films and information to see if you can fix the problem yourself. 

Need a helping hand?

If you're unable to carry out a repair because of your age, illness or disability, call our contact centre on 01204 328000 and we'll tell you what we might be able to do to help.