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Men in sheds

Men in sheds

We’ve learned that it can be harder for men to make and benefit from social networks. So, supported by Warburtons, we’re pleased to be running a local branch of the global movement, Men in Sheds.

Every Thursday, from 10am-1pm, a group of between 12 and 15 Breightmet blokes are get together at the Lancashire Wildlife building on Bury Road. Ranging in age from 27 to 72, the guys do woodwork projects, making benches, birdboxes, bug hotels and planters.

It’s all about encouraging men to get out of the house and do something productive with their time. They’re learning new skills, meeting new people and above all having a laugh. And along with ownership of the projects comes increased confidence and sense of pride.

For more information get in touch with Carl Monk, our Community Development Officer for our east neighbourhood, on 01204 329539.

Here’s what some of our men in sheds have to say…

  • “Men don’t make networks like women. Not everybody’s brilliant at talking.”
  • “It got me out of the house.”
  • “You’ve got your social network there – I love that.”
  • “…mentally it’s freed me from being isolated and I’ve found that other men feel the same, the group is important to us all.’’
  • “It’s always a positive to meet people of different ages and backgrounds. When a community is seriously lacking, this group helps to tackle that issue.’’
  • ‘’It has revitalised and reinvigorated me! It’s nice to work with other like-minded people who are keen to share their skills.’’
  • “Future for the group? World dominance!”

To see and hear for yourself the difference Men in Sheds can make, click here.