1. Coming together to celebrate the 'striking' impact of Backup North West

    Last Thursday (9 May 2024), we joined colleagues and beneficiaries of Backup Charity - along with several other ‘Guardians’** - to celebrate the striking impact the charity continues to have over a round of ten-pin bowling.

    Read on for the details and to learn more about Backup's tremendous work in providing safe and stable places for young people aged 16 to 25.

  2. Preventing holiday hunger and keeping kids active over summer

    We were among those who helped the Urban Outreach charity to provide Bolton Lunches for school age children, so no school meals during the summer break meant no problem for families.

    We pitched in to prepare food and drink lunch packs at the Humanitarian Hub on the Greenworks site that we share with Urban Outreach at Trinity Retail Park. And every weekday we handed out packs from collection sites across neighbourhoods.

    Read on to find out how many lunches were given out in six weeks.

  3. Going the extra mile to welcome our newest staff

    Our day on the road day out introduces out new staff members to the services they'll be working alongside in their new roles.

    We want our new starters to have the best understanding about what we do and how their role contributes to our wider efforts to create homes and communities we can all be proud of.

  4. Bolton Pride Parade takes to the streets to celebrate diversity

    During the 2023 Bolton Pride Parade (which took place on Saturday, 29 July), our colleagues joined other local residents to celebrate local LGBT+ communities.

  5. Changing lives and chances to win cash prizes through our staff lottery

    We’re a not-for-profit charitable organisation that also helps various registered charities to provide specialist and dedicated help for people experiencing challenging circumstances. 

    We support local and regional charities in different ways, which include offering our staff the opportunity to join our staff lottery scheme. Read on for details.

  6. Celebrating the 'striking' impact of Bolton's amazing Backup Charity

    A couple of weeks back, our staff joined colleagues and beneficiaries of local charity Backup to celebrate the striking impact the charity continues to have (on young people at risk of homelessness) over a round of ten-pin bowling. Read on for details.

  7. Our colleagues return from Everest Base Camp after raising money for charity

    Here’s to our colleagues- Edward, Vicki, Owen, and Steve- who recently** returned to Bolton after a two-week trek to Everest Base Camp (which sits at a staggering elevation of 5,364m) to raise money for charity.

    Read on for all the details and to see how much they raised.

  8. Our staff help to plant 100 trees in Breightmet (with Manchester City of Trees)

    Last week (w/c 27 February 2023), some of our staff helped to plant 100 trees on an estate in Breightmet during a morning out with partners at City of Trees. Read on for the details.

  9. Apprentices vs. directors fundraising challenge in aid of Reuben's Retreat

    In their most recent apprentices vs. directors challenge (during late 2022), a total of £2,174.62 was raised by our apprentices/directors for Reuben’s Retreat. Read on for full details.

    Reckon you can guess which team won our most recent ‘Apprentices vs. Directors’ fundraising challenge (in aid of Reuben's Retreat)?

    In their most recent clash (during late 2022), a total of £2,174.62 was raised by our apprentices/directors for Reuben’s Retreat. Read on to find out who raised the most money.

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