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Apprentices vs. directors fundraising challenge in aid of Reuben's Retreat

Apprentices vs. directors fundraising challenge in aid of Reuben's Retreat

Reckon you can guess which team won our most recent ‘Apprentices vs. Directors’ fundraising challenge (in aid of Reuben's Retreat)?

In their most recent clash (during late 2022), a total of £2,174.62 was raised by our apprentices/directors for Reuben’s Retreat:

Established in 2012 following the loss of an wonderful young boy- Reuben Michael Graham, the charity supports families of complexly poorly children and families of child loss at its ‘Forever Home’ in Glossop (we’d encourage you to check out the charity’s inspiring work at:

A staff car wash, office bake sales, 'Pasty Party', signed BWFC shirt auction, and tortoise race (won by Jon Lord the tortoise, named after our former CEO) were just some of the fundraisers organised by our apprentices.

Image of our apprentices' bake sale

But our directors were no slouches, either- arranging bake sales of their own, a book sale, staff ‘Crufts’ contest featuring colleagues’ cats/dogs (we've included photos of some of our pets below), opportunities for staff to chuck wet sponges at our former CEO, Jon Lord, and more.

Both teams did excellent work in keeping staff entertained (and well-fed) while raising money for a worthy cause- but our apprentices managed to finish on top with an impressive team total of £1,424.86- putting them ahead of our directors’ total of £749.76.

Well done to all involved (note that not all team members are pictured)- and thanks to all our staff who donated through various fundraising activities.

Fancy becoming a part of what we do? Learn more about what it’s like to work for us and see available vacancies at:

Here are some of the photos from our directors' 'Bolton at Home does Crufts' competition in aid of Reuben's Retreat. You can see more in our Facebook post:

Image of a colleague's cat

Image of a colleague's dog

Image of a colleague's cats and dog

Image of a colleague's dog