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Keeping things the same at our Valley House office

Keeping things the same at our Valley House office

You might remember, we decided to temporarily close our Valley House office on Fridays, starting from 12 January until the end of March. We did this because not many people were coming to see us on Fridays. By closing on this day, we could save some money, invest this money in your homes instead, and keep services running smoothly.

This new arrangement has been working well. There’s been no big disruption to our services, and our Contact Centre has been able to handle questions and concerns on Fridays through phone, email, Facebook messaging, and webchat.

Because it’s gone smoothly, we’ve decided to keep things the same until further notice. This means that our Valley House office, including reception, will continue to be closed on Fridays. But don’t worry, our services will still be available as usual. We’ll still be open for business, and our staff will still be around to help five days a week, Monday to Friday. They’ll just be working from one of our other buildings (such as our UCAN centres), on site, or from home.

We’ll let you know if there are any more changes.

We’re listening

Your thoughts on this are important to us. So, if you have any worries or ideas about these extended arrangements, please let us know. You can do this by emailing

Thank you once again for your time and support.

How to reach us

Even though our Valley House office is closed on Fridays, all our services are still available.

Here’s how you can reach us:

Emergency repairs

If you need emergency repairs on Fridays, please phone us. On other weekdays, you can report emergencies by phone or in person. You can report emergency repairs at any time by phone.

In-person appointments at Valley House

If you need to see us in person at Valley House, we’ll be focusing these between Mondays and Thursdays.

UCAN centres

Our network of UCAN centres and pop-up UCAN centres will keep their regular opening times. For details, visit