About our UCAN centres

Visit your local UCAN centre for advice on everything from training and getting into work to knitting groups.

We have centres across Bolton and you can find your nearest one using the link on the left of this page. Each offers a tailored service to meet the needs of their customers.

In most centres you'll be able to find:

  • A friendly welcome
  • Signposting to other services
  • Help with job searching and CVs
  • Access to computers and the internet
  • Access to a phone to use for free
  • Training courses
  • Social activities
  • Debt and money advice

Why not visit your centre today to meet the staff and see how they can help you?

UCAN centre customers share their stories

  1. UCAN customer - getting into university

    Gail attended Tonge Moor UCAN centre for help with her IT skills, but we quickly realised she was better than she thought with IT, she was just lacking confidence. We identified her real potential and discussed her career options. She would ideally like to work in social care, but she did not feel she could achieve this. 

  2. UCAN customer - online job searches

    Jane was able to complete her own job search and said she feels a lot better when applying for positions as she now can work alone.

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Julie talks working at the UCAN

Mary Jane talks about her visit to Deane UCAN


In your words

"I just wish there was something like this in every town, I think it's absolutely brilliant and if I did meet anyone who needed anything I would just direct them to the UCAN."

UCAN customer feedback

In your words

"It never goes away, it is part of you and you are part of the Centre"

UCAN customer feedback

Just pop in

Whether you are one of our customers, a local resident or someone from another organisation who fancies a look around come and see us. We've got UCAN centres in our neighbourhoods across Bolton so come and say hello. 

Did you know?

"The name UCAN centre stands for ‘Urban Care And Neighbourhood centre’ which is a bit of a mouthful so we’ve shortened it to UCAN. It works well in describing the positive ‘can do’ attitude of our centres.”

Tony Cottam, Neighbourhood Manager (East)

Rosanne talks about working in the UCAN centre


A day in the life of a UCAN centre Project Officer

“When residents say they feel like we’ve got a community again – that’s job satisfaction and you feel like you’re doing something right,” 

Click here to visit our blog and read 'A day in the life of a UCAN Project Officer'.

Ucan Len Grant blog

Len Grant blog

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There are UCAN centres across our neighbourhoods. Click here to find a UCAN centre near you.