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What’s happening with the Johnson Fold UCAN Centre building and why

Photo of the building on Johnson Fold Avenue that has been our Johnson Fold UCAN Centre

In December 2023, we announced the closure of the Johnson Fold UCAN Centre on Johnson Fold Avenue. The reasons were low usage and the availability of other community support services in the area, including our pop-up UCAN service at Sabden Garden.

We’ve now decided to sell the building. We’ll post more details about the sale on our website soon.

Before we decide to sell a property, including one used as a community centre, we carefully consider the impact. Our Property and Place Strategic Group has approved this decision, believing it’s in the best interests of our tenants.

Selling the building becomes a sensible decision if it no longer serves its original purpose, isn’t cost effective to maintain, and isn’t practical for us to repurpose. We can then direct the funds from the sale into improving homes as well as developing new homes for rent. This approach addresses more substantial needs.  

We understand that not everyone may agree with this decision. We want to reassure you that we’ve made this decision with our tenants’ needs in mind. We remain committed to supporting local communities and neighbourhood initiatives as well as providing quality affordable housing.

You can still read our previous update about the UCAN centre closure and get details of other support options available here:

You can read our asset management strategy, which includes our disposal policy for empty properties, along with our other polices and strategies here: