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Share your views in a survey about new consumer standards

Share your views in a survey about new consumer standards

As with other registered providers, we’re regulated by the Regulator of Social Housing. The regulator is inviting you and other tenants to give your views on proposals for new consumer standards regarding quality of homes and services for tenants, which all providers would need to meet.

For more info and to have your say through a short survey, please go to before 17 October 2023.

Screenshot of the website inviting tenants to feedback on proposals for providers to meet so tenants live in safe, quality homes, have choice and protection and can hold landlords to account.

This consultation follows-on from the Social Housing (Regulation) Act 2023 being passed at the end of July, and the proposed standards from April 2024 are:

  1. Safety and Quality: Providing tenants with safe, good quality homes and effective services.
  2. Transparency, Influence and Accountability: Treating tenants with fairness and respect, gathering, and acting on their feedback,  and enabling tenants to hold their landlord’s performance to account.
  3. Neighbourhood and Community Standard: Ensuring that tenants live in safe and well-maintained neighbourhoods.
  4. Tenancy Standard: How landlords allocate and let homes fairly and manage tenancies.

As the consultation is online, you, or someone you know, would be very welcome to pop in to any one of our UCAN centres to use the computers and internet to complete the survey and get some support if you’d appreciate it.

You can find details of all our centres at Or we can give you details over the phone on 01204 328000.

If you’ve any questions about the consultation that you want to ask us about, please email our Community Engagement Team at

Thank you.