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Here you'll find news articles from across the organisation, from important tenant updates and new housing developments, to community events and activities.

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Our commitment as voluntary sector funders in Bolton

Bolton Council, NHS Bolton Clinical Commissioning Group, Bolton at Home and Bolton CVS want to support communities as much as we can during this unprecedented period.

As funders, grant givers and organisations that contract with the voluntary, community and social enterprise (VCSE) sector, we’re committed to the Bolton VCSE Strategy and working collaboratively with you as partners. We are therefore committing to supporting you as voluntary and community sector groups, charities and social enterprises that are currently in receipt of grant funding or have contracts in place from our organisations to use your skills, resources, relationships and networks to best meet the needs of the people that access your services and support.

To do this, we commit to:

• allow you to be creative in utilising your existing funding and resources to support the most vulnerable;

• supporting you to direct and deploy your staff and volunteers safely in the best way that you can, taking into account the government guidance;

• ease monitoring and reporting deadlines and expectations for the end of the current financial year (to 31st March 2020) and for April, May and June 2020, so that you can focus on your continuity plans and supporting the people that access your services and support.

In return, we ask you:

• to be flexible in your approach and to follow our guidance and information in order to keep people safe and to work with us and support our planning and connectivity to communities;

• to connect through Bolton CVS to be kept informed of how you can help and support the wider efforts in our borough;

• to communicate any significant changes to your funded activities to your contract manager or grant manager.

At this time, we know that communities are a critical part of our defences. We encourage your energy, passion and creativity in keeping people safe and connected and we’d like to thank you for all that you’re doing to support people and communities across the borough of Bolton.

Tony Oakman, Chief Executive, Bolton Council

Su Long, Accountable Officer, NHS Bolton Clinical Commissioning Group

Jon Lord, Chief Executive, Bolton at Home

Darren Knight, Chief Executive, Bolton CVS

Bolton at Home on air!

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Media enquiries

We’re happy to comment on current housing and related issues.

For more information contact Andrew Pilkington, Marketing and Communications Manager, on 01204 329714 or email

Tap4 issues

Tap4 Latest Issue - 4 June 2020:

Click here to read the latest issue of Tap4

Tap4 is our new digital publication for tenants and is released every quarter. It keeps you clued-up on the things we do to build and support our communities, puts a spotlight on the people and organisations that make Bolton brilliant, and is inspired by you.

Past Issues:

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Tap4 Issue 1

Quarter Turn issues

Quarter Turn Issue 5 Thumbnail

Quarter Turn Latest Issue - 13 July 2020:

Quarter Turn issue 5 [pdf] 3MB

Quarter Turn is dedicated to raising awareness of interesting activities, relevant services and inspiring stories from in and around our communities, celebrating those involved in community activities. A new issue is printed and posted every quarter. From April 2020, we've increased the distribution so it now goes to Bolton at Home tenants aged over 70 who live in general let without Careline, as well as to those living in extra care schemes, sheltered housing and in general let with Careline. 

Past Issues:

Quarter Turn issue 4 [pdf] 1MB

Quarter Turn issue 3 [pdf] 2MB

Quarter Turn issue 2 [pdf] 2MB

Quarter Turn issue 1 [pdf] 2MB