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Birds of a feather...

Birds of a feather...

Our new build properties not only provide homes for people, we’re also helping the declining numbers of swifts by installing swift bricks which provide a safe place for them to raise their young.

Every year, swifts fly around 250,000 miles and spend most of their lives in the sky where they feed, mate and even sleep. Did you know that swifts pair for life and that they return to the same nesting site every year?

Swift numbers have declined by half in the last 20 years due to old buildings being renovated with plastic covering the cracks and holes where they previously nested.

We’ve included swift bricks at our St Osmund's new build scheme on Blenheim Road in Breightmet, and also retrofitted them on some of our other properties in preparation for when the swifts return to the UK to nest.

Working in partnership with local conservation group Bolton and Bury Swifts, join us in helping to protect these wonderful birds by planting wildflowers to attract pollinating insects which swifts like to eat.

Swift brick at exhibition