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A chance to share your views on repairs response time and win £100 worth of vouchers, but time's running out. Survey closes Sunday 16 July.

A chance to share your views on repairs response time and win £100 worth of vouchers, but time's running out. Survey closes Sunday 16 July.

Your thoughts and opinions matter greatly to us.

As we review our Repairs Policy, we want to hear from our tenants regarding acceptable timescales for us to respond to your repair needs.

Click: to do the survey and let us know if you think a new response time of up to 90 days is acceptable for certain, non-urgent, repairs.

We work to prioritise your safety and the security of your home. Repairs presenting a risk are always our top priority. We also consider your individual circumstances when prioritising work.

What’s in the survey?

The survey is open until Sunday 16 July 2023 and will ask your opinion on acceptable response times for different types of repairs and levels of urgency. Examples are given, such as kitchen replacements, plastering work, repairing flags on pathways, difficult to lock doors and windows, and repairing leaking roofs. You can let us know if you find our suggested response times acceptable or not and provide reasons for your opinion.

A proposed 90-day timescale for routine repairs is for situations that don’t require immediate attention but can’t wait until we start a planned programme of improvement work.

Why are we proposing this?

Some repairs may involve ordering materials with different manufacturing times or require a specialist contractor, resulting in waiting times beyond our control. Extending the timescale for certain jobs from 21 days to up to 90 days will improve our ability to address more urgent matters more quickly, including damp and mould inspections and resolutions.

Rest assured, emergency situations (with two-hour or 24-hour response targets depending on risk) and urgent repairs (within seven days) will continue to receive a prompt response.

We really appreciate your time in completing this short survey. Your feedback plays a crucial role in shaping our policies and services for you and other tenants.

When you do the survey, you can also choose to enter a prize draw for a chance to win £100 worth of Love2shop vouchers.

Privacy statement

Your answers will only be used to monitor and improve our services. Your answers will be kept electronically for up to two years and will then be deleted from our systems. Bolton at Home will not share your information with other organisations. More information about when and why we collect your personal data and how we use it is at

To report a repair, please phone us on 01204 328000.

A graphic with the words, are you a Bolton at Home tenant? Please do our repairs survey and you could win £100 in vouchers. An an image of Love2shop vouchers.